Training Materials

Net Control Training Manual [PDF]

ICS Forms

The official ICS forms are located on the FEMA website. A link to the forms page is below. The forms we typically use and that you should have copies of in your Go-Kit are: ICS-211, ICS-213, ICS-214


One form that is identified as an ICS form, but is not actually and official ICS form is one refereed to as ICS-309. Since this is not a true ICS form it will not be found on the FEMA web site. Additionally, since it is not an official form, there are many variations but no single base form. Use at your discretion. The one provided below is from my stomping grounds (Santa Clara County, CA) and has some features of particular value to HAMs.



Digital File Transmission Using FLDIGI

The Fldigi programs we use as a base are:

This is NOT necessarily the latest version, but it is the version we use with no known bugs. You can find latest version here, but use at your own risk.

Frequency List for Chirp

There are three CHIRP files available for download, two for Androscoggin ARES and one for Maine ARES. The CHIRP program works with most radios and is available free of charge.

Androscoggin ARES frequency lists have a minimal version and an extended version. Both are intended solely for support of Androscoggin County. Each list starts at channel 100.

Maine state ARES contains the assigned ARES frequencies for each county in Maine and begins at channel 1.