Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)

See Note Below for Updated Status!

This is the ┬ásite for Androscoggin’s ARES / RACES organization. Here you will find information about the group, downloads supporting amateur radio programs, applications, and radio configurations, as well as how to get licensed and join the group.

We provide emergency communications for Androscoggin county in the event that commercial communications should be disabled or no longer operate as intended. Our training as communicators gives us the ability to pass and relay messages locally or across the country or around the globe. We also provide emergency support communications for non-profit special events under specific guidelines.


Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES)ARES and RACES designate the type of activities we operate under. We all belong to both groups and only switch designation based on the type of operation we are participating in.

Amateur Radio Emergency Service, or ARES, is used when we are providing communications in support of public events such as the MS Walk, The Dempsey Challenge, or Beach to Beacon.

Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service, or RACES, is what we operate under when called out by a government agency. This service provides specific frequencies for our use as well as limiting operation to only those registered as members of RACES.


After several years as Emergency Coordinator (EC) for Androscoggin County, I have stepped down from the position to allow myself time to pursue some changes in my career. This site has been left up indefinitely to provide archive information and possible current information. The future of this site shall be determined by our new EC, Pete / N1ZRL. He’s accepted the challenge and I’m sure everyone will help make the transition and his time as EC a pleasant one.